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We accept and file all dental insurances

Our office accepts and works with all major dental insurance companies. We offer you the ultimate in convenience and flexibility, and are happy to file your primary insurance claim, and answer any questions you have about your plan. We have worked with plans from many dental insurances, including the following networks:

Logo for BlueCross BlueShield in Cary NC
Logo for MetLife Dental Insurance accepted by Cary NC pediatric dentist
Logo for Dentemax Dental Insurance accepted at Cary NC pediatric dentist
Logo for Delta Dental insurance accepted at Cary NC pediatric dentist

Logo for BlueCross BlueShield Federal Dental Insurance accepted at Cary NC pediatric dentist

Logo for Ameritas dental insurance accepted at Cary NC pediatric dentist
Logo for Assurant Dental insurance accepted at Cary NC pediatric dentist
Logo for United Concordia dental insurance accepted at Cary NC pediatric dentist
Logo for Cigna dental insurance accepted at Cary NC pediatric dentist
Logo for Aetna dental insurance accepted at Cary NC pediatric dentist
Additionally, there are many smaller insurance plans that fall under Dentemax or other networks that we participate in.  Please call 919.267.4211 to ask questions, or verify your insurance. At your first visit with us, please bring a copy of your insurance card and drivers license, so that we may verify your up-to-date benefits.

Insurance and Payments

High House Pediatric Dentistry is Cary’s only certified pediatric dentistry specialty practice that is in-network with all major dental insurance carriers, allowing you to utilize your benefits fully, and easily.


In-house insurance plan

Don’t have a dental insurance plan for your child? Give us a call. Our “in-house” insurance plan includes cleanings, xrays, exams, and a significant discount off most services, so that your child can get back to having a healthy and happy mouth, all at a very affordable price. As always, we offer payment plans and easy ways to get your child’s treatment completed, through our relationship with CareCredit. Call 919.267.4211 for more details or apply for CareCredit now.

How does insurance affect my child’s treatment?

As a service to our families, we will submit your insurance claim to your primary insurance company. Our office will provide your insurance company with all the information necessary to help you receive your maximum benefit. We ask parents to know your insurance coverage and the benefit limits of your particular policy.

Good Out of Network Parent files claim Parent pays full fee

Parent must file their own claim to be reimbursed by their insurance carrier within 60-90 days

Better Out of Network Office files claim Parent pays full fee upfront

Office files claim, parent receives reimbursement within 60-90 days

In- Network Office files claim Parent pays co-pay only and receives preferred pricing compared to full fee.

There is not any direct relationship between our office and your insurance company. Your insurance benefits are determined by the type of plan chosen by you and/or your employer. As a result, we have no control over the terms of your insurance, the methods of reimbursement, or the determination of your insurance benefits, including how often a procedure is covered. We will file your insurance, accept the assignment of benefits, and help estimate what your insurance will pay. You will be responsible for any portion of services NOT covered by your dental insurance at the time services are rendered. These fees include deductibles, co‐pay, or certain procedures not covered by your insurance company. We accept cash, personal check, MasterCard, VISA, American Express and Discover. Please bring a copy of your current card, so we can provide you with accurate pricing for each visit. If you have any questions, we’re here to help! Just give us a call at 919.267.4211.

As a health care provider, our relationship is with your child and not your dental insurance company. We believe our duty is to help your child grow up healthy and well and to make recommendations regarding their care that support that mission statement. Regardless of what your insurance company is, Dr. Ray and his staff will ALWAYS give you treatment options based on your child’s oral health, not based on insurance coverages. Most plans routinely pay between 50‐90% of the average total fee for a covered procedure. This percentage is determined by how much your employer has paid for coverage. Please be aware that the parent bringing the child to our office is legally responsible for payment of all charges.

If you are new to our office, and you would like to verify coverage with your insurance company, the typical services (with dental codes) we perform on the first visit include:

0150 – Comprehensive Oral Evaluation
0272 – Two Bitewing Radiographs
1120 – Cleaning
1208 – Fluoride Varnish

We will recommend cleanings and fluoride every 6 months or as needed, for each child’s specific situation.


Your co-pay or your portion of the payment is expected at the time of service. Our office is unable to schedule subsequent appointments if there is a balance on the family account. With certain insurance plans, pre-payment prior to initiation of services may be necessary. We will do our best to inform you if this applies to your particular insurance plan. Any balance that is not covered by your insurance is the responsibility of the parent/guardian. Accounts that are past due over 30 days will be sent to small claims court for collection, and are subject to additional fees which will be added to the delinquent balance. Please help us avoid this step by paying your bill promptly.